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Project Description
Editing binding files manually is prone to errors. It has led me to deployment and runtime errors. So I created the tool to help me understand the structure of the binding file, dependencies between orchestrations, send port groups, send ports, receive ports and receive locations; and also possible errors that may happen during deployment or runtime. Now that it is mature, I'm sharing it with you.

Functionality of Binding File Diagnostics for BizTalk Server covers
  1. Binding file structure view - to see the structure of the binding file as a tree view
  2. Binding file content view - to display xml content of the file
  3. Binding file dependency view - click on artifact to see what other artifacts an artifact is using or is used by
  4. Binding file error list - there are rules that validate your binding file; and you know that you can even write your own rules? Documentation of validation rules and instructions how to code a rule I need yet to write.

In details you can
  • Click on artifact in structure view to see related artifact in content view
  • Click on artifact in dependency view to see related artifact in content view
  • Double click on error in error list to see related artifact in content view


Do you know
  • Free and fast Xml syntax colouring component for Visual Studio .NET?
  • What other functionality you would like to see in this tool?
Let me know via discussions.
Thank you for using the tool


Arkadiusz Krynski

Arkadiusz has 10+ years of experience in software development and integration focused around .NET, BizTalk Server, SQL Server and other Microsoft technologies. Arkadiusz is developer of the features constantly looking out for improving the tool and making it more robust.

Thinking buddy

Ritu Raj

Ritu Raj has 9+ years of extensive experience in software development, Integration primarily focused around BizTalk and Microsoft technologies. Ritu has helped the project with continuous feedback. The dependency viewer has came to life as one of Ritu's ideas.

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